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Steel plate special-shaped cutting to adopt special-shaped cutting process

Steel plate special-shaped cutting is according to different needs of the screen for R Angle cutting, U groove cutting, C Angle cutting, etc. The purpose is mainly in two aspects: on the one hand, the four corners of the screen to do C or R corner cutting, and at the same time by adding buffering foam and other edge reinforcement, in order to prevent broken screen. On the other hand, you need to make a U-cut at the top of the screen to make room for front-facing camera, distance sensor, receiver, etc.

The core of the steel profiling is to make a hole (or U-slot) at the top of the screen. Because this needs to ensure the accuracy at the same time need to break the limit of yield, more importantly, to ensure that the display effect is not affected. In order to achieve the customer special-shaped comprehensive screen good look and feel and use experience, we must first in the Seiko diamond milling cutter in 0.3mm glass grinding arc Angle, and then CNC carefully carved, so as to ensure the yield and precision of any piece of cutting. At the same time, the special-shaped all-around screen is different from the traditional pixel design. Each pixel must be re-designed precisely. The Gate electrode signal of the special-shaped screen arc groove area is driven separately at both ends, and the highly precise synchronization algorithm is adopted.

After the screen is cut, the edges of the screen need to be finely polished with a diamond milling cutter to make it look different from the quadrilateral. And the screen grinding process is not the accumulation of experience and technology, need to accurately grasp the milling cutter pressure, speed, feed Angle, cutter type design and grinding path, in order to make only 0.3mm of the screen in the powerful grinding to achieve the effect of cutting surface flat without fragmentation.