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The predecessor of Wanzhi Group was founded in 2002 in Henan ZidongIron and Steel Center by the founder and chairman of the group, Mr. Wang Huamin. Wanzhi Steel is a subsidiary of Wanzhi Group's import and export business. It relies on Zhengzhou Wanzhi Materials Co., Ltd., a branch in Henan Province, responsible for the operation of metal materials import and export business. It is also the own trademark and brand of Wanzhi Group.

  • 17 years+   Metal material industry experience
  • 12 years+   Import and export experience
  • 120+  Countries / regions have global cooperation
  • 200000   Annual export volume
17 + years
Metal material industry

Wan Zhi has a complete procurement process, strict quality control system, fast after-sales service response, and high standards in each link. Wanzhi can meet all the requirements of partners in various situations or needs.

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  • 1.North China

    The subsidiary is located in Tianjin, a hub in northern China.Relying on the scale advantages of traditional carbon steel, building materials and coating products in northern cities, we can integrate the advantageous production resources in Tianjin, Hebei and Northern Shandong Province.

  • 2. Central China

    The subsidiary is located in Zhengzhou, Henan Province.As the transportation hub city of China's highway, railway and aviation, it is responsible for the resource allocationand transportation between different regions of the country.

  • 3. South China

    The subsidiary is located in Yiwu, the most active and developed city in southern China.It can not only integrate the product chain resources of the Yangtze River Delta new material center and the stainless steel, specialsteel and newmaterials of the Pearl RiverDelta industrial belt, but also helpthe import and export businessdepartments of the company to do front-end data analysis and channel support, so as to deploy the products with rapid development of cross-bordere -commerce in the future.

  • 4. North America

    The North American branch is located in Montreal, Canada.It is the economic center and main port of Quebec, close to the Great Lakes, connecting Canada and the east coast of the United States. Its unique geographical location and developed transportation are the main reasonsfor deciding to establish a North American business unit here.

  • 5. Europe

    The European office is located in London, England.With a long history of trade, strong regional influence, relatively loose foreignexchange management system and rich financial investment tools, all these factors have prompted Magic to set London as the first window to enter the European market. We are not only areliable supplier for all partners, but also aplanner for your company's development and strategic planning consulting, and a trusted partner on the long road of commercial market development.