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How to do special-shaped parts cutting?

According to the thickness of the cutting special-shaped parts, the cutting nozzle with appropriate aperture is installed

The oxygen and gas pressure should be adjusted to the prescribed value for the cutting of special-shaped parts

In special-shaped parts cutting, the temperature decreases from the top table to the bottom. At the beginning of the cutting, the oxygen pressure gradually increases, and finally the thickness of the shaped part reaches the same direction. This leads to inconsistent burning in the thickness direction of the irregular parts at the starting position of cutting, resulting in defects at the beginning of cutting. In order to avoid the occurrence of cutting defects of special-shaped parts, the following methods can be used:

1. Adopt circular arc feed to increase the length of the lead line and avoid direct cut. This method has a good effect and is widely used in production, but it has the disadvantage of wasting materials.

2, the use of ignition rod. The method is to add a piece of steel plate close to the thickness of the steel plate at the entry point, and there should be no gap at the close place. The cutter should be cut from the ignition rod, and the ignition rod will guide the flame of the cutting moment to the bottom of the steel plate, so that the burning speed of the steel plate can reach the same level, and the best cutting section can be obtained. The ignition rod can be replaced by cut offcuts. This method reduces the distance between the workpiece and the edge of the plate, reduces the generation of the residual material at the edge and the utilization rate of the plate effectively. Ignition rod is more practical in cutting extra thick steel plate.