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Some skills that must be known for steel plate processing

Some tips to know about steel plate processing:

The cutting speed can not be too fast when the steel plate processing workpiece is cut with extra thick steel plate. A lot of steel plate in the thick steel plate cutting processing, in order to speed up, tend to ignore the details, so it is easy to produce waste, some will plank crack, so for thick steel plate cutting, it is important to note that speed can not be too fast, should give priority to with low speed processing, so that we can effectively improve the work efficiency.

Steel plate processing parts for thick steel plate cutting operation, also need to advance preheated, some plate after entering the cutting process prone to crack, sometimes caused because the temperature is too low, so for such a situation requires preheating process in advance, so that the temperature of the plate will begin to rise, then can cut through the flame gun, cutting the complete material appeared crack probability is very low, the quality of the plate are also guaranteed.