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Steel plate bending punching machine main advantages?

Steel plate bending punching machine main advantages:

1. Steel plate bending punching machine using imported solenoid valve, effectively ensure the stability of the machine operation, the failure rate to a minimum. The standard configuration of the machine is single operating mode, two cylinders can not work at the same time (can be equipped with double linkage, two cylinders work at the same time)

2. Steel plate bending punching machine adopts imported gear pump, low noise, small volume, large flow, smooth operation.

3. Steel plate bending punching machine adopts imported motor, good stability, the failure rate is basically zero. And can effectively save energy.

4. Adopt Schneider electrical appliances (including circuit breakers, contactors, thermal overload, small relays, travel switches, buttons), clear wiring, reduce electrical failures.

5. The oil temperature cooling device can be opened and closed at any time according to the air temperature, when the temperature is too high, continuous overload work, can ensure the normal oil temperature, to ensure the feasibility of high pressure, long time continuous work.

6. Adopt three layers of high pressure oil pipe to ensure no oil leakage during high pressure work.

7. The cylinder body is made of 40Cr high-strength alloy material, and the inner piston guide sleeve is made of ductile iron. The installation has no gap, and it can withstand high temperature for a long time, and the limit of high temperature resistance is 700℃. Prevent the high temperature, cause the deformation of the inner guide sleeve of the cylinder, and lead to the oil seepage of the cylinder.

8. The machine is standard equipped with manual multi-function stopper, which can realize the positioning of Angle steel shearing, channel steel, round steel, square steel, flat steel and punching within one meter.