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What are the processing equipment of steel plate processing parts?

What are the processing equipment of steel plate processing parts?

I. Manual steel plate cutting is adopted for steel plate processing:

Manual gas welding cutting, the use of oxygen with cutting gas propane, acetylene, etc. for cutting, is the most important manual steel plate cutting way, flame cutting thickness is large!

Manual gasoline cutting, is the use of gasoline combustion to cut the steel plate, is rarely used at present, is still in the trial stage.

Manual plasma cutting, is the use of plasma arc, manual cutting gun for steel plate cutting, cutting speed is fast, suitable for thin plate, stainless steel cutting!

II. Semi-automatic cutting of steel plate processing parts:

Small sports car cutting machine, is the use of small sports car simple slide for straight cutting steel plate, can not be irregular graphics cutting;

Imitation cutting machine (also known as die cutting machine), do a simple model, simple special-shaped cutting or linear cutting by the mold track;

Three, steel plate processing workpiece using CNC cutting machine cutting mode:

CNC cutting machine cutting mode is mainly divided into three kinds:

1, CNC flame cutting machine, using gas cutting for steel plate cutting;

2, CNC plasma cutting machine, using plasma cutting for steel plate cutting;

3, CNC gasoline cutting machine, with gasoline combustion for steel plate cutting CNC cutting machine is now the most common steel plate cutting equipment, because of the high degree of automation, can carry out complex special-shaped parts of the steel plate cutting cutting, and in recent years more and more popular.