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The five major skills of special-shaped parts cutting processing

The five skills of special-shaped parts cutting processing:

1. When the CNC cutting machine cuts the square workpiece, it should be cut to the intersection point according to its width or length and then stop cutting. When cutting a straight line with a corner point, the long line stops at the corner point and then starts cutting again. Short straight lines with hard corner angles above 120° can be cut to the corner point for a pause, and then cut again.

2 special-shaped parts cutting processing whenever cutting to the hard inflection point, the cutting mouth must be perpendicular to the cutting plane, so as to avoid the slope of the section, especially the cutting thick large pieces should pay more attention to this point. If the straight line is connected with the arc, try to cut the two straight lines before cutting the semi-circular arc (start and stop point at the beginning and end of the semi-circular arc). If to both ends for the size of the semicircular arc cutting parts, to start from one end of the small arc cutting, until the straight line is cut. Do not cut to the full circle and stop. Because that will make the other side of the small arc near the cutting line is not neat and cross section is not clean.

3. Then cut the large arc and the small arc to avoid the skew of the arc line. If there is a larger semi-circular arc (diameter of more than 50mm), try to use the cutting compass to cut the semi-circular arc. The use of cutting compass cutting flange and semi-circular arc, and by hand to master the cutting to compare, can improve the work efficiency of more than 25%. This not only saves oxygen and calcium carbide, but also cuts out the quality is very good, secant line neat, the incision section is also clean and beautiful.

4. The structure of the cutting compass is very simple. It is to make a casing with a thickness of 3mm and a length of 13-16mm according to the outer warp of the cutting nozzle jacket, and weld a moving cone locating rod with a diameter of 5-6mm and a length of about 300mm in the middle of the casing. When cutting flange, generally cut the inner circle first, and then cut the outer circle. When cutting, first cut a hole in the steel plate, the steel plate is preheated, the cutting nozzle should be perpendicular to the steel plate, to the steel plate to reach the cutting temperature, the cutting nozzle will be inclined, open the cutting oxygen will be oxidized slag blown open. In order to improve the incision quality and speed, can use a simple gage type circular cutter CNC flame cutting machine at the beginning of cutting, cutting oxygen do not open too large, with the cutting mouth gradually to the vertical position, and constantly open a large cutting oxygen valve, so that the iron oxide slag toward the mouth tilt in the opposite direction to fly out. When the spark of the iron oxide slag is no longer flying, it means that the steel plate has been cut. At this time, the head is perpendicular to the steel plate, and the cutting torch is cut along the inner circle line.

5 all kinds of steel (such as Angle steel, channel steel, I-steel, etc.) cutting, if it is positive Angle line cutting, channel steel cutting, cutting mouth must be aligned with the three surface secant, and the plane is cut to maintain vertical. The Angle steel must also be aligned with the cutting line of the two faces, and the cutting nozzle is perpendicular to the cut face to avoid skew cutting and irregular cutting surface. If it is bevel line cutting, in addition to the main end of the cutting mouth, two small faces are to cut with the secant direction of the large face. The same is true for the cutting of I-beam and Angle steel.